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Costs and compensation

Since January 1, 2014 psychological counseling for sexual problems, relationship difficulties and problems with adjusting to life events will not be reimbursed by the Dutch health insurance. 

However, if you have additional insurance it may be possible that your health insurance will reimburse these consultations. 

I do not have contracts with insurance companies, so it relates to non-contracted psychological and sexological help. Please check your insurance policy regarding possible reimbursement. It may be advisable to contact your health care provider in advance. If a non-Dutch health insurance company insures you, I advise you to consult with them for information about possible compensation. 

A referral from a MD is mandatory for compensation from your health insurance. This must be sent to me before or brought to the first consultation.

Costs of consultation:

Paying yourself
It is possible to pay for the counseling yourself. 
The cost for an individual consultation, 60 minutes: € 100
The cost for a relationship consultation, 90 minutes: € 150 

The consultations with me are billed monthly as an "uninsured product" (OZP).
OZP 60 minutes (individual) = E 100,00
OZP 90 minutes (relationship therapy) = E 150,00

An invoice for relationship therapy, if requested, can be split and sent to both partners.

Compensation for psychological help via the General Basic GGZ (mental health) insurance

If your GP (huisarts) refers you, it is sometimes possible to be reimbursed. Partial or complete reimbursement depends on your insurance policy. It is necessary that your GP (or specialist) has a suspicion of a mental health disorder as found in the DSM 5 (Diagnostic and statitistical manual of mental disorders). Depression and anxiety disorders are examples of the required diagnosis.

If there is not a diagnosis, your treatment will not be reimbursed and you will have to pay for the sessions yourself. Please discuss this with your GP prior to your first appointment. 

If you have a “natura” policy the insurance companies reimburse on average 60-80% of the costs. If you have a restitution policy, the costs will be 100% reimbursed.

Here is the list of prices for the different products that are insured in the  General Basic GGZ.  It is important to know that there is an own risk.  (2016 is 385€ and counts for all health care costs in the basis insurance)

PRICE LIST CARE PRODUCTS:  (prices as of January 1st, 2019)

Psychological care short                       €    507,62

Psychological care middle                864,92

Psychological care intensive                1356,25

Psychological care chronic     1251,70

Single consultation (session = 45 minutes + 15 minutes administration)             95.00

Transition product  (not more than 2 sessions without leading to a treatment)       207,19

These prices are meant for consumers who are covered by health insurance companies that do not have a contract with the psychologist.

This price list complies with the rules of the “regeling generalistische basis GGZ van de Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit, NR/CU-350”

At the end of each month you will receive an “advance” invoice. It is your responsibility to pay these invoices on time. (2 weeks after receiving the invoice) At the end of the treatment you will receive an invoice with a summary of the costs of the treatment. You send this to your insurance company and you will receive the compensation as described in your policy. 

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